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After the third national lockdown was lifted, levels of theft rose by 17% compared with the previous year. With the rising cost of living and a return to the office for many, levels are expected to increase further still.

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Home Security Burglar Alarm

PowerMaster-360R is a professional modern wireless security and safety control panel, with optional home automation capabilities. It is suitable for residential customers and small to mid-size businesses that are looking for an advanced alarm and home automation system in a single platform.

Home Security CCTV

The PowerG Wireless Smoke and Heat Detector combines a best-in-class photoelectric smoke detector, with built-in heat sensor, and PowerG wireless technology, for enhanced fire detection.

Home Security Wireless Smoke Detector

The PowerMaster-360R provides a robust and scalable solution using Z-Wave, Wi-Fi and cellular 2G or 3G capabilities.

Why AIE?

If you're looking for a local, affordable, home security expert to install or repair a burglar alarm system for your home or business then look no further. We offer expert advice and have a reputation for providing affordable customer focussed solutions. We are part of Checkatrade with almost 300 positive reviews.

Experts fit Visonic Home Security, the most advanced wired detection solutions for high-security (Grade 3) indoor, outdoor and perimeter protection, setting the standard for high-performance, reliable detection for commercial, industrial and residential sites.

It's a lot less expensive and gives you full control instantly via a mobile app, so you get more security for less—with no contract. Motion sensors use a precision human-form detection algorithm so it detects people, and ignores pets.

Prepared for the unexpected Lose power? Lose Wi-Fi? Natural disaster? Jam detection? Visonic is ready and able to protect your home or business. Keep an eye inside and out with Visonic’s Wireless Home Security Cameras With HD security cameras for indoors and out, see what’s happening all the time.

Are home security systems effective?

Having the right level of protection is paramount to home security protection. Home Security Systems are primarily designed to offer protection to homeowners allowing you to keep intruders off your premises. Burglar alarms are one such home security system that people use to secure the premises that alert them if there is any suspected activity. You can always customise these systems based on your requirements (see below). If you are looking for an effective home security system, we can indeed help you with your requirements. You can speak to our security specialists on 07880 542 282 . Our team shall arrange a short property survey to analyse your property requirement and recommend you with the relevant home security systems.

Which home security systems are the best?

There are various options for home security systems that allow you to manage and control your home security, with the most effective being: burglar alarms, CCTV systems, smart doorbells, sensor floodlights and smart locks. All these systems have distinct features, and it is always recommended to assess your requirement and analyse which one suits your requirement in the best way. You can always choose more than one security system for enhanced protection. We are able to supply and fit all the above mentioned making your home safe.

How home security systems work?

The most common home security system is a burglar alarm that is commonly used against theft. Burglar alarms are designed to trigger an alarm (Siren or loud Bell) and notify neighbours and home owners in the event of a break-in using several methods. Strategically located sensors of different capabilities notify alarm control panel when their perimeter is breached. The alarm control panel, in turn, actions a series of pre-configured actions to deter burglars and inform homeowners.

We are also proud to offer the ground breaking Outdoor Mirror Detector with Anti-masking this detector provides unparalleled alarm detection in outdoor environments due to the unique patented technologies it employs. It is the first detector to prevent false alarms caused by outdoor interferences, such as rain, snow, lightning storms, swaying bushes and free-roaming animals, while still providing reliable detection of real threats.


Lock all windows and doors

Don't forget about windows upstairs and even side gates. Leaving a window slightly ajar could be enough to entice a criminal.


Lock away ladders and scalable platforms

Don't leave ladders or other scalable objects unlocked, these could be manoeuvred to provide easy access to your home.


Don't leave valuables on display

Look through your windows from the outside to see what everyone else can see. Consider investing in a safe for expensive or sentimental items.


Outdoor lighting

Motion-censored outdoor lighting or automatic dusk-to-dawn lighting will illuminate the outside of your house when anyone approaches. A well-lit house isn't an easy target for crooks creeping around.



If you're thinking of sprucing up your front garden or driveway, gravel has the extra security benefit of deterring burglars as they are unable to approach quietly with a gravel entrance.


Anti-climb paint

Known as non-drying or anti-intruder paint, a thick, oily coating applied to your garden fence gives a smooth gloss finish but remains slippery indefinitely, helping prevent any intruder from getting a foothold, as well as covering them in paint.


Beef up your security

Think about upgrading any old or poorly-fitting locks in your home. You should also consider video doorbell cameras or CCTV, however the most important thing is installing a good quality home security alarm system.

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